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Drum 'n' Bass propganada

2007-09-22 12:19:48 by Distortzion

So, I'm here to let the world be aknowledged of the real DnB shit. Let's make start with the awesomeness of Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire

BSE is imo one of the best DnB groups out there, if not, the best. Hailing from Utrecht, Holland, they have two labels. Black Sun Empire recordings (mainly for dark- & techstep) and oBSEssions, for neurofunk.

Today I give a few must-to-listen tracks. There are previews on the site ;)

Cooh - Armeny (OBSE009)
Most awesome track by an upcoming producer from Bulgaria.

Black Sun Empire - Potemkin (BSELPEP001)
Ubah-heavy, ubah-dark, ubah-sweet. You will love it.

Hatiras - The Anthem (Kemal Rmx) (OBSE006)
Finest neurofunk mixed by Kemal of the legendary group Konflict.

Black Sun Empire - Cruel & Unusual (BSECD002)
Actually, this CD has it all. Futuristic techstep in Future Frame, dark techstep in the Cooler and last but not least Bitemark,. still on of my favorites.

Currently my favorite OBSE release. On the first side we find Hungarian Chris.Su, who gives with Just the One a warm loving track. On the other side is Desimal - The Promist. He sadly committed suicide last year. Exceptional high quality music.

Eye-D - Unicorn MF (BSE RMX) (CITRUS009)
Fantastic. I don't have other words for it.

BSE ft. Concord Dawn - The Sun
Might be my favorite. I just love the bass in this in.

Happy listening. PM me if you want questions about DnB ;)

>Distortzion< Over&Out


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2007-11-04 10:32:52

:O hersenspoeling!